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Every Child Loves Art

May 13, 2016

When was the last time that you gave a child paints, crayons or any other art supply and their faces didn’t light up immediately? Children love to draw and express themselves. They are learning so many things constantly children need all the outlets they can get to voice certain feelings and emotions. This is true for all children, worldwide.

Funding for arts programs are being cut right here in our own backyard. In Kansas, Gov. Sam Brownback recently gutted the Kansas Arts Commission, laid off its staff and closed its doors. Children all over our country are going without the gift of being able to create and explore the stresses of growing up. Children all around the globe are in areas where the arts programs are non-existent.

One organization stepped up to the plate to change all of that. Meet The Dreaming Zebra Foundation. An organization that is based out of Portland, OR, they recycle used art supplies to children in these areas all around the world. From working with hundreds of school districts nationwide, to bringing the joy of art to children in Haiti, Costa Rica, Ethiopia and Syria. With the help of art companies like Apple Pie Painting, the Dreaming Zebra Foundation can allow these beautiful minds to create and express. This foundation allows us to help light up little faces of those who need it most.



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