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How Art Helps Us Understand History

January 04, 2016

Until the late 19th century, the only major forms of communication were the written word and art. The written word tells us of the customs, laws, religious practices and an entire world of daily life throughout the history since it first started being recorded. Some examples of this are: Prohibition in the 1920s, The United States Constitution and as far back as prehistoric man.

Art, on the other hand, puts a face to our history. We see the styles and customs of a particular place and time. Shakespeare’s plays bring romance and tragedy in a way that words can’t begin to describe. Expressionist artist in the early 20th Century (post WWII) created Modern Art through attempting to express feeling in a painting, rather than physical reality. Beauty is a universal thread, weaving its way through every generation and era. A fascinating YouTube video is, 500 Years of Female Portraits in Western Art. It displays the history of style, grace and beauty through the ages. Art, helps us understand who we are. Through art we can visualize the past, subject’s feelings or even the artist’s feelings. Art can represent personality, and internal gifts of expression.

At Apple Pie Painting, we believe that the expression of art is meant for everyone. Art helps you express who you are. You do not need to have exceptional talent or skills. That’s what makes you, you, and that’s a good thing! What’s even better, is that expressing who you are, works best when it is done with some of your closest friends and/or family. Being relaxed and having fun helps you focus on the best in yourself.

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