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Six Reasons to Host a Painting Party

December 09, 2015

It’s that time of the year again, bringing happiness to many. Be it enjoying dinner and drinks with friends and family, a get together with coworkers and colleagues, or perhaps maybe it’s the ecstatic expressions and excitement of a child unwrapping that perfect gift in front of the tree. Whatever reasons bring you happiness; we can all agree that this is truly a wonderful time of year. Along with all of this happiness and joy, comes the secret and hidden fact, that it’s hard work! The many chores that come with holiday planning are numerous, and quite often, overwhelming. We making our lists for presents to give, food to prepare, houses to clean, and of course finding the time to shop for, and wrap those gifts, along with the myriad of other requirements needed in order to orchestrate and pull of this “magical” time of the year.

It can send anyone into the asylum, or at least contemplating an appointment to the Psychiatrist for a much needed prescription for Zanex! Yes, sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming. However, one convenient option available to help make your holidays a little less stressful and much more enjoyable is by hosting a painting party. Why a painting party? Well here are six good reasons to throw caution to the wind, and host a painting party through the holidays.

1. Simple to book – Today more than ever, scheduling a party has never been easier. Fill out a simple form online, and your party is only a few clicks away. Once your party booking is submitted, the Apple Pie Painting team takes it from there.

2. Easy to do – Apple Pie Painting has dozens of holiday paintings to choose from so you can find the perfect masterpiece for your party. So you want to have a theme party? No problem. Whether it be a Royals, Chiefs, Christmas or even a New Year’s theme, there is a plan in place for your party so that is goes off smoothly and successfully, with no stress!

3. No surprises, because the price is the price – What we do is art instruction. That’s all! There are no catalogs to flip through, no pressure sales, high prices or points to earn for anything. There’s no sales pitch to be made, just a fun and entertaining time with the ones that matter the most. Apple Pie Painting has found that customer satisfaction keeps us booked up hosting parties year round. What we do at your party is simply instruct you and your guests on how to have some fun while painting your very own masterpiece. Imagine the satisfaction and pride you’ll have in that.

4. Get Unplugged – Yes, I said it! It’s terrifying to imagine, but remember, there was a time not long ago, when people interacted together without the use of smart phones, tablets, and technology. One of the best things about a painting party is everyone is allowed to talk and interact with each other, free from our devices. You will all be painting, which means the cell phones, tablets, etc. are out of the picture. The conversations and laughter are heard by all, while the memories are cemented into your minds for years to come.

5. Therapeutic – Many of our customers have told us, as has science and psychologists alike, that expressing oneself artistically and creatively, along with interacting with friends and loved ones is healthy, therapeutic, and relaxing. This especially applies to our painting parties, as it will energize the participants, while enabling you to let your imagination run wild, and your inner talents to be released.

6. Reconnect – This type of party works so well for reconnecting with family and friends that over 50% of our customers re-book or attend another party, enjoying our unique and entertaining way to bond with family friends, and coworkers. For example: Let’s say several of the girls you went to high school or college with will be in town for only one night. Obviously you want to get together to catch up, but you don’t want to meet in a loud and crowded bar… Easy solution! Have them over and entertain them with an Apple Pie Painting party!

Don’t worry, there’s plenty of time to socialize and interact, as there are several breaks throughout your party in order for the paint to dry. That’s the perfect time to freshen up your wine and enjoy the experience of catching up with those long lost friends. While the holidays can create great memories, they can also create large amounts of stress. Treat yourself to a night of fun. Unwind with Apple Pie Painting, and allow us to help you slow down just a bit, so you’ll truly enjoy your holidays. Limited spaces are still available through the end of January. Book your painting party now!

*Steve Pierce is a writer, editor and publisher with more than twenty years of experience in journalism. He also has extensive experience in writing and training of operations, procedures and safety in workplace environments.

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