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The 7 Deadly Sins When Planning a Bachelorette Party

April 26, 2017

Your BFF is getting married! What a lucky gal, and she asked you to stand by her side as she goes through one of the biggest changes in her life. How exciting! Now you get to plan the bachelorette party! You start thinking of so many fun things to do, and assessing when, where and how it will all take place. Before you start planning we put together a list of the 7 things NOT to do when making plans for the Bachelorette Bash!

7. DO NOT get gaudy party accessories if the Bride doesn't want them, and definitely do not make the guests wear anything they don't want to wear. There is nothing more disheartening than spending all day being excited, and fixing your hair, outfit and makeup, only to show up to the bachelorette party and having to wear some hat that flattens out your hair, or some t-shirt that totally doesn't go with that killer dress the bride spent her money on just for that night. 

6. DO NOT plan a party that is way out of budget for most of the guest list. If the Bride wants all 45 cousins, 27 BFF's and 15 aunts to be invited, then most likely not all of them can afford a weekend in Vegas. You also might run into the fact that not everyone is age appropriate for the festivities. If there will be a variety of age ranges attending the festivities in your group, then try an activity that works for everyone like a painting party at someone's home or neighborhood clubhouse. If the Bride really wants to go out and smash some drinks, then go out later so everyone has an opportunity to be included in the fun too!

5. DO NOT wait until the last minute to plan! You want everyone to hopefully be available, including the vendors. Ideally planning a bachelorette party 4-6 weeks in advance gives everyone enough time to make any necessary arrangements for travel, children or whatever is going on in their lives. The last thing you want is for the Bride to be disappointed that she wasn't able to spend some quality time with her friends.

4. DO NOT do whatever YOU like. This event should be tailored to the Bride, and for the Bride. So if she is a low-key kind of lady, then do not take her to a packed club. In the same respect, if she is a lady that likes to take shots and dance on the bar, then you go be her best "spotter" ever! If she loves to sing, then brush up on some great gal pal hits, and stand next to her while you belt out drunken renditions of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" at the local karaoke bar!

3. DO NOT just send out a Facebook event invite and then forget about it! So many times we get notifications for events, and sometimes they are missed in the hustle of our day to day lives. Once you send out the invites, stay engaged! Post about the painting party you have planned, or the party bus you rented! This is also a great place to let everyone know if there will be a dress code, if they need to register and pay in advance for your activity and other pertinent details about the fun night ahead. Keeping your invitees engaged in the event will keep it in the fore-front of their minds and build excitement!

2. DO NOT invite anyone that the Bride is not friends with. This is an event for her closest friends and family, and not everyone that is invited to the wedding will necessarily be the people she chooses to hang with on her "Last Fling Before The Ring". Ask her to do a guest list brainstorm with you over Mimosas, and that way you can discuss who is going to be the right fit for your night.

1. DO NOT make the Bride plan everything! She may be a control freak, but you are throwing this for her in her honor. Make sure she is getting what she wants, as she already has enough planning to do with her upcoming nuptials. Planning the additional bachelorette party herself could set her into "Bridezilla" mode at any moment. Set her mind at ease by asking her what she does or does not want to do.

Regardless, she will love all the hard work you put into her special night out. Realizing that she couldn't and wouldn't want to make this journey in life without you as her co-pilot!

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