I Can't Paint! Why You Will Still Love a Painting Party!

May 12, 2017

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone walk into one of our in-home, mobile painting parties and say, “I can’t paint! I can’t even draw a straight line!”...Ah. I would say I hear at least 2 people at each party I teach say something to this effect. “I don’t have a creative bone in my body!” Well, this isn’t an article to tell you all about how you should believe you can accomplish anything, or any of that mind-control hoo-ba-loo. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely think that going into anything with a “can-do attitude” will result in a more positive outcome than if you are negative. So, it is always a bit crushing to my spirit when I hear someone walk in with these words on their tongue.

At that point, my heart swells a little because I know they are going to walk away happy! I listen to my party guests and hosts. I work to bring a unique experience to our painting parties. Now that we have painted with over 12,000 painters, I wanted to share a few insights about how you can have an amazing painting party, even if you have some serious doubts. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you walk away happy from your in-home, mobile painting party experience!

Use a little water - When painting a large surface area, especially when blending colors, dip your paintbrush into the water. Be careful though! If there’s too much water, the paint will run, or become too thin. The point is to just have a small amount to help thin the paint out just enough to spread more.

Hold the brush like a pencil - When you hold the paintbrush it helps to hold it close the top. This gives you more control over the stroke.

Tapering the end of a line - When you are trying to create a “tapered” end to a line (where the line comes to a point), drag the brush to create a line, and as you come to the end of the line gradually lighten your pressure and lift. This works great for tree limbs and branches particularly.


Watch First, Then Do - Watch the instructor, ask them to repeat it if needed. The instructors want you to walk away happy! That is the main reason they are there! By watching what they do, instead of trying to just get to doing it, you might be able to execute it easier.

There’s a reason there’s wine - Although no Apple Pie Painting party requires alcohol, because we bring a fun environment for anyone, the sip and paint industry was started with wine and painting. A glass of wine, or a beer, can allow you to relax a little and let go of that fear of failure.

Laugh at Yourself (or your friend) - Laughter is the best medicine! On average only 1 or 2 people in a painting party have painted ever before in their lifetimes after high school. Do you think that the rest of you at the party are going to sit down and crank out some breath-taking artwork on your very first try? So, have fun! Laugh about it!

Remember, it’s all about the experience - Making memories and masterpieces is what it involves, but getting together with friends and family, laughing and sharing a creative moment together is what a painting party is truly designed for.

So, if you are nervous about your painting turning out like a breath-taking Monet masterpiece, or something more like kindergartner's finger painting, we hope these tips and tricks will help you enjoy the party experience for what it really meant for. Laugh with your loved ones, share memories with those that matter and relax; Apple Pie Painting has you covered, with fantastic instructors that are always there to help!

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