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Team Building: Change "Ho, Hum." Into "Oh! Fun!"

April 10, 2017

Finding a team building event for your department is always so tough. Each year a portion of your budget is dedicated to the improvement of your fellow co-workers and employees. As a manager, you have to pick an activity that will apply to ALL the various personalities and physical dynamics of those people that will be attending. 

As the leader you want it be something revolutionary and inventive. You want them walking away without rolling their eyes, and feeling like it has been a complete waste of time. You want a sense of pride, togetherness and motivation to work more cohesively to achieve wonderful, magical things! You want profits to increase! You want upper-level management to recognize your amazing team-building efforts as a great sign of what a fantastic leader you are!

As you sit down to begin the task of finding the perfect company to bring this experience to your team, you begin scrolling through endless team building exercises. One has physical limitations that even you wouldn't do. One might as well have a guy with a guitar and a campfire with everyone singing "Kumbayah". You have in mind an experience that will give a lasting impression, not pit each other against one another.

Then, you see this new concept that combines individual performance with a collective team effort. No one is separated into teams. There are no winners or losers. The end value is as good as the sole person, and how they each work together. Everyone is smiling, and leaves with a lasting memory of what transpired that day. Is this real?!

Yes is absolutely is, and can be a reality for your group as well! Perhaps the best example of the evolution this is possible within your staff can be seen in the team building experience provided by Kansas City's very own Apple Pie Painting. There are no physical limitations, even for the disabled. They bring the event straight to you, so no need to coordinate transportation for everyone.

Each person takes a painting with them as a reminder of the accomplishments of working as an individual, and how their role impacts the greater good of the team. Building creativity in those that might not otherwise ever step outside the box, and everyone is allowed the opportunity to laugh and share an amazing experience together, that truly unites everyone!

Apple Pie Painting offers a unique, one-of-a-kind half-day team building event that allows each person individual reign of their own painting portions of two different exercises. Once they are finished with their portions, they work alongside their co-workers to complete the masterpiece.

The entire experience comes to you! So, all that is needed by your organization are the tables and chairs! No longer do you have to worry about outdoor weather. In all reality, there is very little that needs to be done in advance, as they take care of the heavy lifting. Booking your party online at takes less time than brushing your teeth, and even better, your worries have been subdued. Now, you can get back to the every day functions and management of those things that will make your company excel!

It's perfect!! It solves all your worries, and although your team might walk into the day saying, "Another team building event? No way!" They will leave saying, "What a great team building event! Yay!" You will receive recognition as an innovative leader in your company and get a promotion with a raise! Ok, ok, we can't promise that, but we can guarantee that you will leave with a smile on your face, a wonderful new piece of art for your office wall and the admiration of your fellow co-workers for finally putting together a team building event that didn't feel like a waste of time.

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