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Where's The Party At?

March 06, 2017

I just LOVE hosting events! I love to have my friends and family gather together for a fun afternoon or evening of cocktails and fun! I spend the week before grocery shopping and making snacks and hor d'oeuvres. I buy bottles of wine and typically make a fun punch I found on Pinterest. Sometimes I even get decorations and take the nice dinnerware out from storage. I spend the day before thoroughly cleaning my entire house (even if the party is out on the deck). Then, on the day of I like to crank up the music, and dance around! I'm like a school kid with anticipation and excitement! 

Then, the time comes to start the party and only 4 people show up! What?! I had at least 8 that said they were going to come, and another 5 or 6 that said they would try to make it. That's planning for 13 people, and only 4 came?! Wow! 

Now, not only am I disappointed that I will not get to see my friends, but I have all this leftover food. The small business owner that I invited to come show off her products won't reach the sales she was hoping for, and I now I feel obligated to purchase more to make up for the lack of guests.

The general rule of thumb in the party/event planning industry is that you should expect roughly half of the people you invite to your party, to actually come. So what happens when you invite 25, and 13 of those RSVP Yes to your event, and then only half of those come? How as a party host can you prepare for a party like that?

Well, we've come up with a few helpful tips to keep your party guests excited, and have a great turnout!

1. Be Sure to Create an Online Event!

Utilizing a Facebook Event, Eventbrite or Evite to invite your guests can help a LOT! This is a great way to post updates, create links that can be messaged privately to people you want to come that might not be on Facebook or social media.

2. Continue Posting Content!

Keep your guests excited about coming! Post pics of food you are serving, or specialty drinks you are serving! If you are hosting a party for skincare products, boutique clothing or a painting party, be sure to post pics of the products. Let your guests see how much fun this is going to be, and how there's no place else they would rather be!

3. Encourage Your Guests to Confirm Their Attendance!

Reach out about 5 days prior to your event to confirm with those that say they are coming. People overbook ALL THE TIME! It happens! We are always so busy. By checking in with them about 5 days prior to your party you can avoid spending more on food and drinks than is really necessary. Plus, it reminds them that they need to be there. Tell them how appreciative you are that they can come, and how excited you are to see them! Be sure to talk briefly about why you are most excited about this particular product that you chose to share with them.

In conclusion, people love to feel wanted and appreciated. They love to laugh, and spend quality time with friends and family. Remember, that's why you wanted to do this party in the first place. So, simply keeping the excitement up will get you the party turnout you dream of!

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