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Childrens Painting Parties

Apple Pie Painting has the best childrens painting parties in Kansas City! Once a parent told us, “Thank you! This was the quietest children’s party ever, and they all had such a great time!” Boys and girls alike LOVE the joy of painting, and especially creating something from a blank canvas!

All you need to provide are tables! We supply tablecloths, smocks or aprons, paints, brushes and all other necessary supplies for each child to create a masterpiece all their own!

6 years of age – up to 14 years old. Children younger are welcome to paint, however it is tough for young children to hold their concentration. The younger the group, the better the experience for the children if there is a parent or two to assist. Children will learn basic art-related techniques and color mixing. Canvasses do not come pre-traced. Each child is taught how to re-create the painting brush stroke by brush stroke, starting with a completely blank canvas!

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