Large Group Events

Finding something to do for a large group can be overwhelming. You generally have people from various age ranges, physical abilities, personality types and a plethora of other differences. Our painting experiences are fun for everyone! We will talk to you about your event, and what you're hoping to accomplish out of it. If you're just looking for a fun activity in the middle of a week of training, or you need something to keep a hundred kids busy for an hour or so, we are the experts!
BONUS: We do ALL of the setup AND clean up!!
We bring all the supplies needed for each person to create a painting, along with a fun, talented artist to keep your event fun for everyone!
For information on our fundraiser events, see below.


Apple Pie Painting Fundraisers in Kansas City are a BLAST! Raise those much needed funds for your church, ball team or any organization! Your guests will enjoy fun, quality time raising money for your organizations fundraiser in Kansas City, and they will take home a painting to always remember the day and the fundraiser. 
Raise hundreds and even thousands of dollars! We can handle large scale fundraisers of 50-150 participants, and we bring all the supplies to your location! We can also add an option to your guest registration link to allow for people to donate in addition to their ticket price! Get 28.5% BACK for your Kansas City Fundraiser! 
  • Youth Activities (Sports Competitions, Academic Competitions and Arts Competitions)
  • Church and Religious Organizations (Youth Camps, Scholarship, Ministry)
  • Charitable Organizations (American Heart Association, KC Pet Project, March of Dimes, etc.)
  • Veteran/Military Organizations (VFW, Eagles, American Legion, Masons)
  • Youth Organizations (Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, FFA)
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Official Fundraiser Rules and Regulations:
  • Must have 20 or more painters to receive full $10 per painter back for your organization.

  • If a party does not meet the 20 painter minimum then it will be at Apple Pie Painting's discretion regarding the amount returned for your organization.

  • Payouts will be mailed by check 7-10 business days after party completion.

  • Electronic Funds Transfers can be arranged upon agreement with Apple Pie Painting.

  • Collection of painter's registrations and fees DO NOT have to be collected thru Apple Pie Painting.

  • If you collect payments and registrations then payment for the total amount due to Apple Pie Painting must be paid before the artist leaves the party.

  • If Apple Pie Painting is handling the collection of payments and registrations then a higher amount can be requested by your organization. Organization can also authorize Apple Pie Painting to collect additional donations on behalf of the organization.

  • If Apple Pie Painting is collecting additional donations, all monies minus processing fees will be returned to the organization along with check 7-10 business days after the completion of the party.

  • Tables, chairs and facility must be provided by the party host/organization.

  • Organization must provide consent to use the organization's name for social media and marketing purposes.