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Fundraiser Painting Parties

Apple Pie Painting Fundraiser parties are a BLAST! Raise those much needed funds for your church, ball team or any organization! Your guests pay the same amount as they would if they were going to a regular painting party on any given night. With our fundraisers we then give back $10 per painter within 7-10 days after the party. With a minimum of 20 painters, you will raise at least $200. We can also add an option to your guest registration link to allow for them to donate in addition to paying for their painting.
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Official Fundraiser Rules and Regulations:
  • Must have 20 or more painters to receive full $10 per painter back for your organization.

  • If a party does not meet the 20 painter minimum then it will be at Apple Pie Painting's discretion regarding the amount returned for your organization.

  • Payouts will be mailed by check 7-10 business days after party completion.

  • Electronic Funds Transfers can be arranged upon agreement with Apple Pie Painting.

  • Collection of painter's registrations and fees DO NOT have to be collected thru Apple Pie Painting.

  • If you collect payments and registrations then payment for the total amount due to Apple Pie Painting must be paid before the artist leaves the party.

  • If Apple Pie Painting is handling the collection of payments and registrations then a higher amount can be requested by your organization. Organization can also authorize Apple Pie Painting to collect additional donations on behalf of the organization.

  • If Apple Pie Painting is collecting additional donations, all monies minus processing fees will be returned to the organization along with check 7-10 business days after the completion of the party.

  • Tables, chairs and facility must be provided by the party host/organization.

  • Organization must provide consent to use the organization's name for social media and marketing purposes.