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DIY Painting Party Kit

Paint in the comfort of home!

With our custom made painting party kits, you can experience an Apple Pie Painting Party by yourself in the comfort of your own home. There are only 2 requirements of you as a participant in our video painting kits; one, that you have a DVD player or computer to play the step by step video, but more importantly, two, that you fill your favorite beverage and promise to have a blast while painting your masterpiece! 

Included in the kit are all of your necessary items to recreate the painting of your choice:

  • 1- instructional DVD
  • 1- 14″x 18″ canvas panel with attached easel per painter
  • 3-1oz. bottles of acrylic paint per painter
  • 1- #2 round brush per painter
  • 1- #10 flat brush per painter
  • 1- 6 well paint pallete per painter
  • 1-8.5″x11″ full color picture of painting per painter
  • 1- color wheel chart per painter
  •  See Painting Choices in the product photos.